20 Aug 2015

Creative Whizz Kid: 

How would your outfits change if you were to choose them at opposite ends of the day? Night vs morning / tired vs fresh etc.
Most of the clothes that I wear are comfy and slightly oversized, so honestly most of my outfits could almost be worn as pajamas! My clothing choices would stay fairly consistent depending on what I’m feeling, but if I’m feeling fresh and energised I would opt for more funky makeup and hair with dangly earrings, whereas when I’m tired I don’t want anything on my face or any heavy jewellery weighing me down (although my rings stay on my fingers constantly). 

Have you observed any changes to your style as you age?

The thing that has changed, as I’ve gotten older, is that I would choose a comfortable outfit over a sexy one. I’d much rather wear a cute, flowing onesie, rather than a tight dress… but if an outfit just happens to be sexy as well as comfy then kudos to me! I also have stopped caring about wearing bras! Who cares if my boobs are a bit saggy, they’re so comfortable!

My taste in jewellery has also developed; as I would much rather spend a lot of money on one well-made piece of jewellery, rather than buy lots of cheap pieces for the same amount. Quality over quantity! 

  Do you think young adults would benefit from stronger role models or better resources to understand, develop, and create their own style/identity?

As a teenager I had many role models, whether celebrities, family members, or older friends at school who I looked up to. As I have gotten older, I’ve come to realise that having role models can sometimes be harmful. If we idolise other people too much, we are only going to be thoroughly disappointed if they let us down (which they probably will since they are human too). I believe a much healthier option is to see every person (including oneself) as beautifully flawed, and to honour their accomplishments but also be understanding of their faults, instead of trying to ignore their imperfections as we so often are taught to do. We are all human and we are all stumbling our way through life.

On the topic of style/identity, I think it is much more beneficial to choose for yourself who or what inspires you, whether art, music, historical figures, other cultures, or your imagination! Don’t let anyone else speak for who you want to be or how you want to dress.

What wardrobe staples make you feel most secure? To what extent would it affect you to live without them?

I love my Dr. Martens (cliché I know)! When I feel like my outfit is a bit average but I put on my boots it makes everything else look stylish and funky! I would be pretty sad to have to go without my boots as I have trouble finding shoes that I like the look of and are also comfortable. Shoe shopping is a nightmare and I get so stressed out, so once I have a pair that I love it is a big accomplishment and I wear them until they wear out (or a better pair comes along)!

I also love my rings. I’ve been collecting silver rings for a long time, and if I were to ever have to give them up I would be so sad as I feel more like myself when my fingers are bedazzled with sparkly jewellery. As an artist, I use my hands a lot, so feeling like I have beautiful hands makes working fun! 

 Have you ever overthought an important outfit to the point of backing out? What insecurities come into play and where do you think they stem from?

 When I feel like there is pressure on me to look good, whether it’s a fancy event or visiting family, I spend ages figuring out what to wear. I care way too much about what people think of me… ‘Do I look artsy enough?’… ‘Am I too formal/not formal enough?’… ‘What if <insert conservative relative’s name> sees my new tattoo?’… I’m definitely trying to grown out of this habit, and I’m learning to dress for ME and not for anyone else. It’s certainly a hard learning process, as I’ve had many years of experiences of feeling what I wear is inadequate, but being at art school and surrounded by and supported by other creative people has definitely helped me feel more confident about what I wear (and who I am).

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