21 Sep 2015


If you couldn't express yourself creatively, how would this impact the way you dress?
How I dress is the same as my jewelry, chaotic color ever everywhere. Clashing Iridescent fabric, fluffy, and outrageous colours. I feel like this is expressing myself creatively and if this was restricted I would obviously have to dress more conservatively.

How would negative comments towards your self-formed style affect you now compared to 10 years ago? 
Probably a lot less! I'm a much more empowered independent woman! Girl power yewww! I guess I like myself much more than I used to, I'm more confidence than  the young teen I used to be, and I like the way I dress. If others don't it's there problem.

How does your style change during the highs and lows of creativity?
 I guess when I'm feeling blah about things and uninspired I'll be more safe in the way I dress, maybe just a pair of flares and a t. If not I'll go for something more fun and glamorous but crazy.

Is your style a product of organic development or conscious construction? 
For sure organically! I try not to rain any ideas in. This even applies to making jewelry, I rarely draw or plan a ring before I start. I just start putting things together. If it works it works, if not I change direction.

What wardrobe staples make you feel most secure? To what extent would it affect you to live without them? 
My dressing gown and my blunstones!!! While I love to dress up in my costumes, when I'm at home and working in my studio comfort is key! I live in my dressing gown in winter and in summer I'm pretty happy naked. My blunstones are the best thing ever because they don't have shoe laces and I can just slip them on.


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