4 Oct 2015

Creative Whizz Kid:

Is your style a product of organic development or conscious construction?
As I have grown and found what I am interested in in life and my art, I’ve also found myself naturally getting rid of old pieces that were no longer me, and starting to shop for different things.  I didn’t decide I wanted to dress a certain way, it just happened. The only conscious decision I make about my clothes, is to not let myself dress boring just because I’m not feeling great, because not dressing interestingly makes me feel even worse about myself and my day. I also make a conscious effort to wear quite a lot of jewellery, because it makes me feel good.


Have you observed any changes to your style as you age?
I’ve definitely started wearing a lot more black, more mesh, more of a grungy look. It makes me feel in control, and that’s important to me.

If you could dress in shades of only one colour for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Black!! (please don’t tell me how it is a shade not a colour) It makes me feel strong and powerful, which makes me feel safe and confident in what I’m doing. It’s like the equivalent of walking with my own bad ass soundtrack

Do you dress for yourself, others or the occasion?
Definitely for myself. It’s such an important part of how I express myself and show the people around me who I am, so if I let someone else dictate what I wore I wouldn’t be being honest. I also don’t mind being over dressed when I go out, it’s never bad to feel extra special. I used to worry about being over dressed even if I wanted to be, until I read that if you are overdressed people will think you’ve either just been, or are just going to somewhere cool.

 Would you feel comfortable allowing someone to choose every outfit you wore for two consecutive weeks?
No I would hate that. Even if they knew me well and knew my style, it’s such a personal thing, relating to how I’m feeling and what I’m interested in. I don’t want how I show the world who I am to be chosen by someone else


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