16 Dec 2015


 What do you think helped your younger self to identify what you like as opposed to what others liked?
My parents are ridiculously fab and I never felt constrained to be or dress like anyone else as I was growing up. Their freedom in allowing me to develop my own life has definitely helped me to discern my own style as opposed to just following the crowds. I remember being about ten years old and wandering through Target with my mum. I’d decided I wanted to dress from the boy’s section – denying conservative social expectations. I think that I just wanted to be different, maybe it was my way of rebelling and I don’t think much has changed.

How does your style change during the highs and lows of creativity?
The way I dress definitely is an honest reflection of me – and is a result of the direct relationship with my work. If I am working on a brief that is less than inspiring or has a dull colour palette I find myself dressing in a significantly more boring way. But if I am completely content, working on something that excites me ill dress quite freely and exuberantly I suppose. I’m very aware of how my entire life is connected to my work. Whether that is a good thing or not I’m yet to work that out.

If you came into great fortune, how would your personal style alter?
I don’t think my personal style would alter greatly, I think I would perhaps just be slightly fancier in my same colourful, fun way. I think I’d buy a lot of Jenny Kee, Romance was Born pieces and an infinite supply of Base Range and Lonely Lingerie! Pretty underwear is necessary to my creative practice obviously!

Do you dress for yourself, others or the occasion?
I really hope I dress purely for myself but I am afraid that to some extent that is not always true. I know that sometimes if I’m dressing for a date I find myself dialling down the crazy, trying to make my outfit more palatable or something. When I catch myself doing that I am frustrated and annoyed with myself (strong, independent woman you know haha) Given the second date however, I’ll go out dressed in ugg boots and an 80s get-up if I feel like it and won’t think twice about it! You've gotta be yourself no matter what!

If you could only dress in shades of one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Without a doubt, white - So ridiculously fancy and bogan at the same time!

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