22 Dec 2015


If people's opinions are based on the first 5 seconds of meeting you, what do you think your style says about you as an artist?
From looking at me for 5 seconds, people could divulge that my artwork is brightly coloured, in your face, full of pattern, whimsical and very unique. It's not like anything else!

How would negative comments towards your self-formed style affect you now compared to 10 years ago? 
10 years ago I would have cried myself to sleep if someone picked on me (as they all did…buttholes)…but now I don't care and would tell them where to go! I am confident in what I wear and enjoy shocking and thrilling people with my weird outfits.

Would your style alter if you suddenly came into great fortune? 
No. If I won the lottery I wouldn't just start buying expensive clothing brands just because I could. I find people who wear those brands are superficial boring wankers. I am attracted to colour, pattern, the unusual and the exciting not by what money can buy.

Do you dress for yourself, others or the occasion? 
I feel I dress for myself. I don't really care what people think… I just wear what I want. My clothing is always based on my mood.. so one day ill be wearing bold bubbly colours loving life and the next day I will be fully in black …hating on everyone haha. If I have to dress for an occasion I will always twist it to my liking.  

Would you feel comfortable allowing someone to choose every outfit you wore for two consecutive weeks? Why?

I would love someone to do this to me!. I think it would be fun…almost like a live performance artwork. I would be interested to see what the person would dress me in and why. Even if I didn't like the clothes I would have a laugh wearing them anyway.

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